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[SND]01 Yes.mp32017-08-22 12:28 5.5K 
[SND]02 No.mp32017-08-22 12:28 4.7K 
[SND]03 Food, please.mp32017-08-22 12:28 11K 
[SND]04 Wood, please.mp32017-08-22 12:28 10K 
[SND]05 Gold, PLease.mp32017-08-22 12:28 12K 
[SND]06 Stone, please.mp32017-08-22 12:28 11K 
[SND]07 Ahh.mp32017-08-22 12:28 14K 
[SND]08 All hail.mp32017-08-22 12:28 28K 
[SND]09 Oooh.mp32017-08-22 12:28 12K 
[SND]10 Back to Age 1.mp32017-08-22 12:28 20K 
[SND]11 Herb laugh.mp32017-08-22 12:28 39K 
[SND]12 Being rushed.mp32017-08-22 12:28 8.4K 
[SND]13 Blame your isp.mp32017-08-22 12:28 13K 
[SND]14 Start the game.mp32017-08-22 12:28 17K 
[SND]15 Don't Point That Thing.mp32017-08-22 12:28 14K 
[SND]16 Enemy Sighted.mp32017-08-22 12:28 8.0K 
[SND]17 It Is Good.mp32017-08-22 12:28 17K 
[SND]18 I Need a Monk.mp32017-08-22 12:28 14K 
[SND]19 Long Time No Siege.mp32017-08-22 12:28 11K 
[SND]20 My granny.mp32017-08-22 12:28 15K 
[SND]21 Nice Town I'll Take It.mp32017-08-22 12:28 14K 
[SND]22 Quit Touchin.mp32017-08-22 12:28 7.6K 
[SND]23 Raiding Party.mp32017-08-22 12:28 12K 
[SND]24 Dadgum.mp32017-08-22 12:28 14K 
[SND]25 Smite Me.mp32017-08-22 12:28 11K 
[SND]26 The wonder.mp32017-08-22 12:28 18K 
[SND]27 You play 2 hours.mp32017-08-22 12:28 23K 
[SND]28 You Should See the Other Guy.mp32017-08-22 12:28 21K 
[SND]29 Roggan.mp32017-08-22 12:28 4.3K 
[SND]30 Wololo.mp32017-08-22 12:28 12K 
[SND]31 Attack an Enemy Now.mp32017-08-22 12:28 13K 
[SND]32 Cease Creating Extra Villagers.mp32017-08-22 12:28 21K 
[SND]33 Create Extra Villagers.mp32017-08-22 12:29 15K 
[SND]34 Build a Navy.mp32017-08-22 12:29 10K 
[SND]35 Stop Building a Navy.mp32017-08-22 12:29 14K 
[SND]36 Wait for My Signal to Attack.mp32017-08-22 12:29 17K 
[SND]37 Build a Wonder.mp32017-08-22 12:29 10K 
[SND]38 Give Me Your Extra Resources.mp32017-08-22 12:29 21K 
[SND]39 Ally.mp32017-08-22 12:29 13K 
[SND]40 Enemy.mp32017-08-22 12:29 20K 
[SND]41 Neutral.mp32017-08-22 12:29 14K 
[SND]42 What Age Are You In.mp32017-08-22 12:29 13K 

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